"Though the public may have forgotten them, any military man worth his salt remembers and studies the actions of the Tamar Tigers and the Stealths, perhaps the most successful Commonwealth regiments of all time." - From The Use of the BattleMech in Modern Combat, by Gen. Katrina Steiner, Commonwealth Military Press, 3006
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TOPIC: *Vanguard of Arluna*

*Vanguard of Arluna* 17 Apr 2015 10:50 #77

This is *Vanguard of Arluna*

We are a mercenary unit, pledged to House Steiner
*VAR* takes in mercenaries but we are aligned with House Steiner, so we only deal with Steiner units & interests.

- Open door for a new player to join in or depart as they'd wish, as a part of the Mercenary Corps Act:
- Options of working in a unit without personal commitment with full benefits, with the freedom to depart or stay as the pilot wishes.
- Open co-operation with other units & endorsing open-minded policy on all ends.
- Contact COs @ MWO/HouseSteiner Forums for more information

Unit Tag: [VAR]
Website: lcaf.housesteiner.com/index.php
MWO Forum recruiting site: mwomercs.com/forums/topic/155363-vanguard-of-arluna/
Voice Server: ts1.housesteiner.com
Timezone: SA/EU
CO/XO Contact(s): Hellzero in "mwomercs.com" forum
Unit Type: "loyal mercenary", House Steiner is our only contract.

What We Believe
We believe in a special synergy between a good team. It's not about rigid tactics or discipline alone.
Only the greatest pilots respect their opponents; for there is much to learn from every fight. You will be among them, if you learn from your adversaries. Beat them in combat, and they will be angry; beat them on a mental level, and you will be better than anyone.
Yet what better way to learn, than see your lance-mates do what you didn't think possible?

Some more information:
  • We play CW, we are mostly defending Steiner territory or attacking enemies of House Steiner
  • We believe that every member has a role on the battlefield. We won't tell you what mech to drive - you know best what you can do in a fight. May it be tactics or weapons - every pilot will find his/her role, sooner or later
  • We paint our mechs mostly in blue and red color (blue to show our loyalty to House Steiner, red for aggression)
  • We are definitely an international unit (the majority of our members are from Brazil and Finland)

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