"The Star WHAT? You mean we're going to join with those slimy serpents and the plague pigeons across the borders in some half-baked idea that a Cameron came up with? In the name of what-Peace? What's next, will I have to sell my daughter to a Capellan slaver in the name of Freedom? Gods above, it's like I've always said, politics is the last refuge of the incompetent and the insane." -From Official Transcripts of High Command Meetings, Year 2558, by Gen. Miter Patner, Commonwealth Military Press, 2568

Getting Registered on the LCAF Hub Website.

Mind you that registering on the LCAF Hub website does not necessarily require a commitment to House Steiner, it is however a big step to making the LCAF Communications Hub TeamSpeak3 server your home and connects you to a great source of knowledge and information.  We ask that you make contact with at least one Pilot or Unit so that you may be vetted (make sure you're not a troll) before you register.


(click me)

And if you understand and agreee to follow them...


Name: Either your real name or your Pilot name
Username: Your Pilot name in MechWarrior: Online
Password: Enter in your desired password
Email Address: A valid Email address to receive your activation link

NOTE: By signing up for this website you are allowing the LCAF Hub to email you our monthly newsletter, the Iron Fist.  Also all correspondence from our Forums (If you selected it), and messages from the Admins will be sent to this address so check it often!

You will receive an email containing an activation link, clicking this link will activate your account BUT you still will not have access to restricted content.

At this point you MUST contact a Pilot on our TeamSpeak (The LCAF Communications Hub) with the Icon next to their name.

They have to vet you, that is make sure you are a real person, not a machine, spammer, troll or banned on MWO and do a general introduction.

I am joining as Lonewolf, PUG,  or COMWAR Mercenary

The user will then ask you if you are a Lonewolf, PUG, Mercenary, Diplomat etc.  They can assign the appropriate privledges for you to access the website based on what you are.  If you are unsure of joining a Unit yet, or just want to play, then this is the way to go.

I am joining a Unit

In order to join an LCAF Hub Unit you must contact the Units CO, XO or any other Unit member with the icon on the LCAF Communications Hub. You can learn about the Units on the LCAF Hub HERE. It is a good idea to talk to a couple of Units first to decide which ones play-style and Pilots fit you best.  Only a Units CO, XO etc. can assign you Unit privledges on the LCAF Hub website so make sure you let them know that you have signed up, clicked the registration link and are waiting for them to add you to their Unit. This is also the point at which your LCAF Comms Hub tags will be changed to the Units Tags.