"The Star WHAT? You mean we're going to join with those slimy serpents and the plague pigeons across the borders in some half-baked idea that a Cameron came up with? In the name of what-Peace? What's next, will I have to sell my daughter to a Capellan slaver in the name of Freedom? Gods above, it's like I've always said, politics is the last refuge of the incompetent and the insane." -From Official Transcripts of High Command Meetings, Year 2558, by Gen. Miter Patner, Commonwealth Military Press, 2568

Unit Tag: [VAR]
Website: http://lcaf.housesteiner.com/index.php
MWO Forum recruiting site: http://mwomercs.com/forums/topic/155363-vanguard-of-arluna/
Voice Server: ts1.housesteiner.com
Timezone: SA/EU
CO/XO Contact(s): Hellzero and Catalina Steiner
Unit Type: "loyal mercenary", House Steiner is our only and permanent contract.

We are a Mercenary Unit, pledged to House Steiner
*VAR* takes in mercenaries but we are aligned with House Steiner, so we only deal with Steiner units & interests.

- Open door for a new player to join in or depart as they'd wish, as a part of the Mercenary Corps Act:
- Options of working in a unit without personal commitment with full benefits, with the freedom to depart or stay as the pilot wishes.
- Open co-operation with other units & endorsing open-minded policy on all ends.
- Contact COs @ MWO/HouseSteiner Forums for more information


Check out our recruiting post HERE!